Camp and/or Retreat Policies and Procedures

Over the years, during our camps and retreats, we have experienced good behavior is usually the norm and supersede other  occurrences of behavior. However, it is helpful to have clearly laid out policies and procedures which apply to all Orr Family Ministries camps and retreat along with all participants and individuals who attend any functions sponsored by us.

All instances of “children” mentioned in the following items are defined at the bottom of the page*.

All campers/staff members are required to act in such a manner that is consistent with Christian behavior. No foul language, improper displays of affection or malicious behavior will be tolerated by staff or campers. Malicious behavior includes verbal abuse, assault, and discussion of topics inappropriate in a Christian atmosphere, hazing, or any behavior that would be considered abusive or immoral.

Campers who do not follow rules laid out by staff at the beginning of a camp or retreat session may be subject to immediate dismissal. For campers considered and defined as “children”, leaving the camp grounds or hiding from staff/going into restricted areas will result in being sent home immediately without a refund. Adult campers who leave without informing the Director(s) may not be allowed back to future camps or retreats.

Those who are sent home for not following policies and procedures will not be allowed to return to the camp for a period of 3-6 months depending on the severity of the offense. Director(s) have the final say on whether or not to allow campers back to the session, and are within their rights to deny access indefinitely.

Suitable apparel must be worn at all times. Do not wear: shorts higher than three inches above the knee, bikinis, tank-tops, or t-shirts with foul content or see-through clothing. Shoes must be worn at all times when outside, and during swim time campers should wear a cover-up and shoes on their way to swim and when they return to cabins.

Phone Calls by campers who are considered or defined as “children”  will only be allowed during emergencies on a staff phone with the director’s permission.

For campers considered or defined as “children” Do not bring: electronics such as; cell phones, video games, computers, iPods, and/or electronic tablets. Also prohibited are: weapons, firearms, fireworks, valuables, tobacco, e-cigs, food, snacks, or drinks.

If said items in policy number six are found after registration they will be confiscated until the end of the session and the camper may be sent home without a refund.

Return Fee Policy: Campers who, for any reason, decide not to attend the retreat/camp after paying for the retreat or camp may be given a full or partial refund under the following circumstances:
If a camper cancels a month before the event: Full refund
If a camper cancels 3-4 weeks before the event: 50% refund
If a camper cancels 2-3 weeks before the event: 25% refund
If a camper cancels less than two weeks before the event: No refund

All campers who are defined as children are covered by Orr Family Ministries insurance plan in case of injury. Insurance details can be obtained by submitting a request to OFM via email at

*Children – Those who are 18 or under and live at home or those who are still at home but have not graduated high school.