Godly Man / Godly Woman

The Search for Godliness

In every pew in every congregation in the churches of Christ there are men and women who aspire to be like Jesus. But the road to becoming Godly men and women is often difficult to navigate because the world and our own desires often blind us to what it means to be Godly in this day and age.

The Godly Man/Godly Woman Weekend attempts to define what Godly men and Godly women need to be to live up to the call to follow Jesus. The discussion classes cover issues unique to men and women that give us a better understanding of how God created us to be different and how all people are expected to be leaders and servants in some aspect in the church and at home. During the sessions Michael will teach the men and Loretta will teach the women, so that the issues specific to men and women can be directly covered.

The class is for all people, whether young or old, single or married, new Christian or mature Christian. The subjects we cover apply to all men and women seeking to be Godly people.



8:30-9:00 Breakfast: (Donuts and Coffee)
9:00-9;30 Singing, Welcome
9:30-10:30 Session One:
The challenge of a
Godly Man/Woman
10:30-11:30 Session Two:
The Presence of a
Godly Man/Woman
11:30-11:45 Break
11:45-12:45 Session Three:
The Trials of a
Godly Man/Woman
12:45-1:00 Closing Comments
1:00-2:00 Lunch


Class: The Vision of a
Godly Man/The Vision of a Godly Woman

Sermon: A Godly Family

* Schedule is subject to change. We aim to meet your specific needs in booking a weekend.


Session One: The Challenge of a Godly Man/the Task of a Godly Woman –
In the beginning men and women were created differently according to God’s plan for us. Men were given challenges to face and their minds and hearts are geared towards a challenge, while women were given a great sense of responsibility and their challenge is in meeting all the things committed to them faithfully and courageously.

Session Two: The Presence of a Godly Man/The Presence of a Godly Woman –
Men and women of God are not formed in a vacuum; rather, they find courage and inspiration from other Godly men and women who came before them. To be a presence for men or women and to be in the presence of Godly men and women is essential to meeting our Godly potential in the Lord.

Session Three: The Trials of a Godly Man/The Trials of a Godly Woman:
As men and women our trials are what shapes our character, our courage, and our convictions. Godly men and women must learn to use their trials to grow and flourish in the wisdom and knowledge of God.
Sunday Morning Sermon: A Godly Family (Combined) – What does it mean to have a Godly family? Are our families truly Godly or is there an absence of Godliness and teaching of Godliness in our homes? Is the congregation you worship at a Godly church, and how do we become more Godly in our family and our church family?

Sunday Morning Class: The vision of a Godly man/The Vision of a Godly Woman – What vision does God have for men and for women in the Lord’s church? What is he calling us to be, and what legacy are we leaving behind for future generations? Are we up to the challenge of presenting a vision of Godliness and growth to our congregation, our family, and to the world?



Michael and Loretta Orr have been married and have been in ministry for nearly 16 years. Michael has been the Preaching minister at the Saginaw church of Christ in Saginaw, Texas for the past 9 years and Loretta has been a speaker at various women’s conferences, ladies’ retreats, and ladies’ days. At Harding University, Loretta has lectured twice during their annual Bible Lectureship Series. Michael and Loretta have been doing Godly Man/Godly Woman presentations off and on for about 5 years now and Michael presented “How to Be a Godly Man” at the Harding Lectureships in 2011. Michael and Loretta have four children, Jillian (13), Joy (10), Joshua (9) and Jaycee (7).

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