Warrior Weekend Retreat

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Boys grades 6-12

Men – All ages


Camp Oak Haven

Alleyton, TX


March 22nd-24th



$95 per person


All men have a warrior deep inside of them. A courageous fighter. One willing to stand up and make war when needed. We desperately need to tap into this primordial connection in every man young and old when it comes to fighting the daily spiritual battles we are called to fight every day of our lives.

This is why we have answered the call and created a special weekend for boys and men who want to answer the call to battle in the Lord’s church. We are calling it Warrior Weekend!

Warrior Weekend is a Christian retreat where boys and men can seek God in a unique way with outdoor activities, fellowship and study aimed at fighting the spiritual battles all men face.

The weekend will consist of speakers, hands on lessons geared toward teaching boys and men lessons God has to offer us through his creation and His Word. Each year we will look at a different spiritual battle. This year we will specifically be looking at escaping from a life in the dark and living a life in the wonderful light of Jesus Christ. 

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