Seeker’s Retreat


Hensel Christian Youth Camp


December 17-19, 2021


$90 per person
$150 per couple

Why seekers retreat? Well it seems that after graduating high school and throughout the journey of young adulthood we find ourselves on a path that is often unknown for quite sometime. Those who are between the ages of 18 and 39 are often seeking something, but often not knowing what it is or where it is. Our hope is that during this time of a young persons life they are seeking absolute truth and we pray that the truth they encounter is God and his Word.That is why we made this retreat for those who are a high school graduate to age 39. We strive each year at the retreat to equip you with tools that will bolster your ability to thrive in God’s kingdom and help it grow. Seekers retreat allows those who attend to break away from the world for a weekend and enjoy nothing but pure fellowship, worship, group learning and rejuvenation. We encourage you to consider this wonderful opportunity that we are presenting you with. Get out and spread the word about this retreat!

Seeker's Retreat: Ask, Seek, Knock