Ret's Retreats 2022

Rise Women’s Retreat Texas

February 24-26, 2023

Rise Girls Retreat Oklahoma

March 3-5, 2023

Rise Girls Retreat Texas

April 28-30, 2023

Rise Girls Retreat Arizona

April 28-30, 2023

Rise Girls Retreat Arkansas

May 5-7, 2023

Rise Retreat is a weekend retreat for girls in the 3rd through 12th grade. It started in 2002 as Ret’s Retreat by our founder, Loretta “Ret” Orr.

In 2022 our expansion efforts of our retreat started showing, so we decided to rebrand with a more marketable name for our retreat. Rise Retreat invokes the need for women to rise up and become women of God in their homes, churches, jobs, and everywhere else in their lives.

Our goal is for all 50 states to host a Rise Retreat. We currently have retreats available in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Arizona! Thousands of girls and women have attended the retreat and have been blessed by the weekend. God has done great things through the effort of so many women devoted to the growth and spiritual development of the girls that attend each year.